School Uniform

Every student should come to school in the prescribed uniform.

Summer Uniform:

Boys: Faun Shade Shirt (Tie Collar), Maroon And Check Short Pant (I-III), Marron long pants (IV-XII) Black shoes and faun shade socks (with white uniform white socks and white shoes), Maroon and white turban with respective uniforms for sikh boys, School Belt.

Girls: Faun shade shirt (tie collar), Marron jacket over the shirt (V-XII), Maroon and Black check tunic (Pre Nur. –K.G), Black shoes and faun shade and white shoes and socks for white uniform.

Winter Uniform:

Sweater, coat and usual uniform.

For the girls white under pants with white uniform and Maroon Slacks with ordinary uniform.

Note: School coat is compulsory on Monday, Wednesday & Friday in winter.

On every Monday, Wednesday & Saturday the uniform will be of white.

On Monday & Saturday T-shirts of the respective houses is compulsory.