School Rules

  1. The official language in the campus in English.
  2. Students are to be clean & tide in their person and in all their belongings.
  3. Any damage done to the school property is to be made whole and the expenses are to be paid for.
  4. The students are responsible for the safe custody of their own belongings.
  5. Costly articles like gold ornaments, electronic things, money etc. are not to be given to the students.
  6. Students are not allowed to make any collection without permission of the Principal.
  7. Stealing, physical violence, use of intoxicants etc. are considered grave offences & students indulging in such activities will face immediate suspension or dismissal.
  8. Students should be punctual in school, they should be in school before the assembly.
  9. Parents can meet the teachers only after the class time. They are requested to meet the teachers. Compulsory on every 4th Saturday of the month in order to understand the progress of their ward.
  10. Parents should check the students’s diaries daily and make sure the allotted homework is done. Any remarks from school should be counter signed. If called upon parents should meet the Principal or the concerned teachers.
  11. The name of the students will be struck off the roll for non-payment of fees or other dues and will not be permitted to appear for any examination.
  12. School leaving certificate will be issued only after one week of submission of application.
  13. The school reserves the right to change or modify the terms and conditions time to time without prior information.